Villager Sign-Up

It takes a village to make a theater program successful so we are asking for your help to make this a successful year!

1. Start by becoming a CPHS Theatre Arts Booster Club Member by filling out the Membership form below.

2. Volunteer in something you are good at and/or enjoy. There are so many opportunities to volunteer in our theater village so please explore the various teams below and sign up with the form found at the bottom of the team description!

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Advertising & Sponsorship

This needs to start as early as possible and can be whatever the Team wants it to be.  Start with a brainstorming session, assign items and go for it

  • Letter Campaign – To get sponsorship for big ticket items (ticket printing, large set piece, costumes, etc) ]
  • Public Service Announcement – Create a PSA, get it approved by the Director and AP and provide it as needed as part of the promotion package
  • Hill Country News, IMPACT and other publications Liaison – Coordinate pictures, stories and announcements and Coordinate advertising
  • LISD & PTA Liaison – Fliers and ticket forms to the other schools (must be approved by LISD first)
  • Get flyer on LISD website through Insider and CPHS Website Distribute posters and flyers to parents and students, deliver posters to schools/businesses/etc. Advertising through the other PTA’s or school announcements
  • Posters and Flyer production – work with Artists Team and produce posters and flyers using approved artwork and required information
  • Get posters approved by Director, have director fill out paperwork for copy center and send to copy center Radio/TV spots
  • Order Plaques and framed certificates for sponsorship donors and deliver (see sponsorship levels on Boosters Website)


This is another important tradition and keepsake that requires behind the scenes work.  This project isn’t hard -it just requires organization.

  • Create a timeline/calendar; tee shirts should ideally be done 2 weeks prior to the show
  • Contact the t-shirt company and get a bid -Get artwork, deposit and order to t-shirt company
  • Collect t-shirt orders and the payments
  • Create a table of cast members and their orders
  • Pickup t-shirts from vendor and distribute t-shirts to cast/crew who ordered
  • Order a L shirt for each performance to be signed by cast and then auctioned off
  • This team can expedite the process by reminding students and parents about the deadlines and answering questions as they arise

There will be some long  rehearsals before the show where dinner will be scheduled as part of the rehearsal.  It is nice to coordinate pot lucks or contributions for dinners for the kids (i.e. pizza, subs, pasta, Mexican night).  In addition, water must be provided for the cast and crew during the dress rehearsals and performances. 

  • With the Director, plan at which rehearsals dinner will be provided
  • Plan how dinners will be provided and paid for (collect, order, get donations).  Restaurants that donate meals will receive full page ads in the program and 2 ($8) tickets
  • Get list of parents signed-up to donate snacks for Booster Breaks (right before each rehearsal that will be a long one, students get a quick booster break “a snack and drink” to sustain them until dinner)
  • Contact parents and advise them what donations need to be sent and “when” -Snacks can be stored in Theatre Dressing Rooms (see Director)
  • Insure there is plenty of water in the dressing room and hallway during performances so thee kids don’t have to purchase or run out of water.  There are water jugs in the theatre department.  Get jugs filled with some ice water and placed where directors prefer them so they are not in the way, but are readily available to the cast and crew.   ***Make sure to provide cups as well
  • Inventory cup supply in theatre dept and purchase additional cups needed for dress rehearsals and 4 performances (use small “dixie type” cups)
  • Do NOT provide dinner on show nights.  There is WAY too much going on during the performances for that.  The kids will be on their own.  However, do set out a snack table for parents to bring goodies for the kids to munch on.
  • Pick up meals or snacks for band/orchestra on show nights and 2 water bottles for each performance for each band member

Props & odd Jobs
This is usually a job for the last 6 weeks before the performance. 

  • Find volunteers that can make some of the props needed and get the supplies for them from the directors or see if they can purchase the supplies and get reimbursed
  • Get a requested prop list from the Technical Director
  • Distribute the list to the cast and parents for donations
  • Locate, pick up and return props as requested by the Director
  • Last minute panic runs to stores

This is probably one of the most vital places for Parent Volunteer assistance.  There should be a chair for this team to be the direct contact with the Director and the costume company.  The chair for this team will work closely with the Director throughout the production to put together a costume plot and decide what will be rented and what will be made and what will come from the cast member or costume closet. 

Jobs to be divided among team members:

  • Measure and record measurements for cast Work with rental company
  • Construct costumes or find people to volunteer to sew
  • Help pick up costumes and return costumes from rental company
  • Help cast find costume parts that they need
  • Distribute and collect costumes and take photos of each cast member with every item they use as a costume
  • Contact parents that have not paid costume fees
  • Make repairs before and during run of show
  • Teach interested students that  sign up to sew some of the simpler costumes

**We have serger and 2 machines that may be used at school

Artists & Design
Artistic talent is needed in all stages of production.  In the beginning, conceptual work for the sets and a tee shirt design are needed.  As the set comes together, painting and drawing skills are needed.  As show time approaches, decorations are needed.  Most of the set design and work is coordinated with the Technical Director.  Often students do much of the artistic work – including tee shirt design.  But parent help is needed everywhere!!! 

  • Tee shirt design
  • Draw and paint sets, create props
  • Help with Lobby Decorations Team
  • Graphic Design and any other artistic talent that you can provide
  • Create posters for advertising and give to advertising team and director for printing and distributing

This job is pretty easy and can be done well in advance of the show.  The project has two parts that can be divided:

  • Jobs to be divided among team members:
  • Order Tickets
  • Work with Director to get all the vital order information (show dates and times, seating charts, etc)
  • Organize tickets for sales
  • Pull comp tickets and Director’s comp tickets; create a will-call box
  • Print a PAC chart for each show – in pencil, mark out sold tickets
  • Manage on-line ticket sales via website
  • Schedule Volunteers for Ticket Sales (Pre-show and show nights)
  • Coordinate volunteers for pre-show sales in the cafeteria
  • send out a schedule and request volunteers via email through volunteer coordinator
  • Coordinate volunteers for ticket booth
  • Send out a schedule and request volunteers via email through volunteer coordinator

Food Concession
This is a very important fund raising team!!  The work for this team begins about a month before show time and most of the work takes place the week of the show. 

Jobs to be divided among team members:

  • Coordinate contributions for the concessions by contacting cast member families requesting donations of coca cola products, bottled water,  and individually wrapped baked goods
  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator and the Thespian Troupe to get parent and students signed up to work the concession stand
  • Oversee the general operation of the concession stand (have one parent in charge for each performance)
  • Create a sign-in sheet for students earning points or hours that work the concessions
  • Get check from Treasurer or reimbursement and Pick up concession supplies and foods as needed to supplement donations
  • Get director to have students fill refrigerator for each performance during the school day
  • Go through Thespian/Booster concession supplies in Theatre area and inventory what needs to be purchased

Lobby Decoration
Coordinate and supervise decorating of PAC entrance and concession stand (cast photos, etc)

  • Coordinate with Artists & Design Team for any assistance/decorations needed
  • Contact Bob Brothers for A/C or Heat for the days or evenings that parents will be decorating (Bob is the PAC manager)
  • Create sign that lists our sponsors to be displayed
  • Remove all decorations after final performance

The work of this team takes place during the week of the show.  Most of the preparation is making sure the team has met the PAC Manager and gets the appropriate keys signed out.  This team will manage both the facility and the ushers during the performances. 

Jobs to be divided among team members:

  • Work with PAC Manager to make sure doors to the building are opened, restrooms are opened, concession windows are open, ticket booth, lights, AC or heat are on
  • Oversee student ushers
  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator and the Director to get parents and students signed up to usher
  • Review Production “to do” list with the Director
  • Create a Sign-Up sheet for student earning points or service hours
  • Instruct ushers on protocol
  • Get recycle baskets from director for program recycling and set at each door of PAC