BoostBlitz Fundraiser

We are currently running a fundraiser to help raise money and to ensure we have a successful season! Our overall goal is $30,000 The donations will be used for productions, travel costs, entry fees, student meals, costumes and sound and lighting equipment. As many of you know, the Arts budgets have been cut severely. It is impossible to meet even the basic in class productions with the funds provided by State to the public school system. Therefore, it is left to the Booster Clubs to raise the funds necessary to off-set the growing costs and we are looking to our families, friends, and community for help. Some of the current needs of our Theatre Troupe are as follows:

Please take 5 minutes and donate whatever you can; even the smallest donation makes a difference. Each participant has an individual goal of raising $350.00 for the fundraiser, so please donate so that they may accomplish it. Thank you for supporting CPHS Theatre!

What is the fundraiser used to purchase?

  • Wireless headset mics $6,000
  • Wireless Speaker for UIL $3,500
  • Wood for set building $3,000
  • Production licensing fees $3,000
  • Costumes $6,000
  • Make-up Trolley $700
  • Stage Make-up $1,500
  • Building tools and safety supplies $1,500
  • Lighting LED’s $2,000
  • Paint/stain $1,000
  • Thespians Festival Scholarships $3,000

BoostBlitz Fundraiser FAQ

What is BoostBlitz?
BoostBlitz is a systematic fundraising program and process that harnesses the power of personal connections and social media and marries it with the convenience of online giving. In short, use technology instead of door knocking to raise money! No more cookie dough!

How does the system and process work?
Students will utilize a personal web site to identify, contact, and ask for donations from family members and friends near and far.

The Blitz is a 6 step process outlined below:
Contacts are entered into a secure personal BackStage site.
Students attend the Blitz event and ask for donations.
The public facing donation web page goes live.
Parents & students post a link to the donation site on social media.
Intelligent system generated text or email reminders are sent.
6 weeks after the Blitz the fundraiser ends.

How do the students enter contacts?
The students will receive a secure link to their personal easy-to-use online form called “BackStage”. Students are asked to enter a minimum of 7 contacts to talk to on the phone, 15 contacts to text message, and 10 or more email contacts.

I do not know that many people who should I include?
Think of your social networks as concentric circles:

  • The inner circle is close friends and family members who know your student well. Target this group to be the people the student calls on the day of the blitz.
  • The middle circle includes work friends, casual acquaintances, former students. This is the group to send text messages.
  • The outer circle includes everyone else, Your entire contacts book! This is your email contacts.

The students have received step-by-step instruction on how to enter contacts during class.

What happens during the Blitz event?
After chowing down on some pizza and the students will call and text the people on their list to ask for a commitment of support. When the student receives a commitment or “pledge”, they will send them a text message with a link to our fundraising page, or Blitz page, where they can make an online donation.

The Blitz is a purposely loud and chaotic event where all the students are blitzing together to encourage friendly competition.

How long is the Blitz event?
1.5 hours max. 30 minutes for feeding and instructions and then 40-60 minutes of actual blitz time.

What is the fundraising goal?
We are asking each student to set a personal goal of $350 (or 14 donations of $25). If every student reaches the individual goal, our combined efforts will generate far more than our overall $30,000 goal for this fundraiser.

What is the money for?

  • Wireless headset mics $6,000.00
  • Wireless Speaker for UIL $3,500.00 (UIL only allows 7 minutes to get on and off stage if we have cords that is difficult to accomplish)
  • Wood for set building $3,000.00
  • Production licensing fees $3,000
  • Costumes $6,000.00
  • Make-up Trolley $700.00
  • Stage Make-up $1,500
  • Building tools and safety supplies $1,500
  • Lighting LED’s $2,000
  • Paint/stain $1,000
  • Thespians kids that can’t afford to go: $3,000 we have to upfront the costs for

Where is the money from online donations deposited?
Donations are immediately deposited directly into the boosters PayPal account.

Are donations tax-deductible and will donors receive a written acknowledgement?
Yes, all donations are tax-deductible. Per the IRS, organizations are not required to provide a receipt for gifts of $250 or less. The email provided by PayPal may be used as evidence of the donation. For gifts of $250 or more, the Booster club is happy to provide the donor with an acknowledgement upon request.

Will the contact information provided by families be secure?
Absolutely! The data is the property of the booster. The information you or a student provides will not be used for any purpose outside of this specific fundraiser. Also, all data is encrypted and secured on the system.

Important Dates for the Blitz fundraiser:

  • Last week – Students created accounts to start entering contacts
  • October 18th – October 22nd – Families help students enter contacts into system.
  • October 30th – Students attend the Blitz entering party!!!! 6-8PM after rehearsal!
  • October18th – December 15th – PROMOTE!!! Parents, students, and family members promote the fundraiser further by posting the Blitz Page Link to social media

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